Wir beraten und betreuen Sie mit qualifizierten Ingenieurleistungen für Maschinensicherheit, CE-Kennzeichnung und Arbeitssicherheit individual solutions competent service for mechanical and systems engineering Maschinensicherheit – Safety Compliance für Ihre Maschinen. Nach Maschinenrichtlinie und Betriebssicherheitsverordnung Machine Safety Acceptance of the machine and Safety Compliance for your machines CE-Kennzeichnung – CE-Prozess mit Risikobeurteilung bis zur CE-Kennzeichnung. Wir unterstützen Sie. CE marking Risk assessment and CE process up to CE marking Für Ihre gesamte Technische Dokumentation und nutzbringende redaktionelle Leistungen. Funktionell und rechtskonform. Technical Editing Operating and company instructions for use in practice Arbeitssicherheit und Sicherheitskonzepte von erfahrenen Fachkräften Safety at Work and Safety Concepts from experienced specialists

Machine safety CE marking Safety at Work compact: We are your partner

You will receive from us machine safety CE marking Safety at Work compact. We advise and support you with qualified engineering services – and qualify your team in our academy in practice-oriented seminars. We develop service packages precisely tailored to your needs.

ECHA – Deadlines for companies

Waste Framework Directive: Submit information for the SCIP database as of 5 January 2021. REACH Regulation: From December 2020, meet certain deadlines for updating registration dossiers with ECHA.

Deliver machines and plants immediately

Our engineers and technicians support you. With assembly and maintenance instructions. Produce technical documentation economically. Deliver without loss of time.

Online video consultation

Consulting machine safety online for your team currently from Anlagenbau Zielke. Efficient and uncomplicated.

Corona protection concept: Everything runs – safely

Machine acceptance, attendance seminars, in-house training, inspections etc. We are there for you to the full extent. With a comprehensive protection concept. Corona protection concept ADT-Zielke

Machine safety – Safety Compliance for your machines. In accordance with the Machinery Directive and Industrial Safety Regulation.

CE marking – CE process with risk assessment up to CE marking. We support you.

For all your technical documentation – useful editorial services and translations. Functional and legally compliant.

Occupational safety and safety concepts from experienced specialists for your company.

Our specialists and engineers deliver the best results

Machine safety CE marking Occupational safety compact: Intelligent solutions with engineering services

We do not only perform: We solve. Efficiently. Innovative. Legally compliant. At the state of the art. In the best hands with us: Your extensive tasks as a manufacturer and/or operator in machine and plant construction.

  • Qualified specialists and engineers provide you with legally compliant advice
  • Together with you we analyze your special needs
  • We find individual solutions for your company

Perhaps a qualification of your team is also useful: Our academy ADT-Zielke offers practice-oriented seminars, workshops and coaching.

Concrete proposals for action

We submit concrete proposals for action. This enables you to take quick and targeted action.

  • Process for machine safety and safety compliance of your machines and systems
  • Conformity assessment procedures with the goal: CE conformity of your products and systems
  • Sensible concept and a clear structure of your technical documentation. For efficient and legally compliant work
  • Occupational health and safety management tailored to requirements. To ensure occupational safety and health protection for your employees