Safety Compliance for your machines

We check your machines and production lines for safety compliance. State-of-the-art. From the analysis of the technical documents to safety-related check. According to the requirements of Machinery Directive, Product Safety Act, (new from mid July 2021 > more about ProdSG 2021 – new Product Safety Act), ÜAnlG (valid from mid July 2021), MÜG,  Safety at Work Act and German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.

  • Analysis/appraisal of the technical documents – operating instructions, hazard assessment, etc.
  • Safety inspection of the machine
  • Attaching signs to the machine, including warning signs
  • Essential changes after modifications

Safety Compliance Kit – Machine Safety

Developed for you. For more (legal) safety and efficiency in your company.

  • Law-compliant – plannable – reliable – with qualified specialists.
  • Multi package for 1 year.
  • 1 machine – 6 base services – 3 further services – 10 % discount.
  • Further services upon request.

9 Services regarding machine safety for the multi-package rate. Further services upon request. Multi-package terminates automatically after 1 year.

Base Services Safety Compliance Kit – Machine Safety

Includes 6 services.

  • Status analysis
  • To-do-list
  • 4 on-site appointments

Further services in the multi-package

3 additional services from the following options included. Further services upon request.

  • Analysis/appraisal of the existing operating instructions
  • Analysis/appraisal of the existing hazard assessment
  • Safety inspection of the machine
  • Calculation of the performance level with SISTEMA
  • Check of warning signs attached on the machine
  • Check of machine signs and labels
  • Advice on modification measures

Safety Compliance for your machines

Things are running smoothly in your company. However, there is the odd question here or there?

  • Would a modification make sense here?
  • Is there an emergency stop missing?
  • Is this environment potentially explosive?
  • Is this still state-of-the-art?

Regular advice on safety compliance in your company protects you from black holes.

  • Experienced experts (CE, Machine Safety, Safety at Work) answer your questions
  • In a direct dialogue with the correct contact persons
  • Directly on-site where the support is required
  • Safe reception of information
  • Timely
  • As needed

We are happy to inform and advise you. Or ask for an offer right now.

For information contact

Team CE/Maschinensicherheit – Axel Martens – Telephone +49 40 5238871-15 –