Law-compliant operating instructions for machines

We advise you to ensure that operating instructions for machines are law-compliant, user-friendly, and CE-compliant ‒ and how to create your instructions in a cost-efficient way.

With sensible templates and modules

We create law-compliant instructions for you. Following checklists and specified processes.

Every company needs a unique description of its products, and operating instructions belong to every machine. This is also requested by the EU Machinery Directive. Therefore it is not a question of “IF”, but a question of “HOW”. We support you to introduce these processes efficiently.


Consider all aspects

Inadequate operating instructions often cause complaints and liability claims. Important issues are:

  • Requirements as stated in Directives
  • Standards for technical documentation
  • Product standards
  • Contents of operating instructions
  • Design and structure
  • Selection of terminology
  • Potentials for minimising costs

Creating law-compliant operating instructions for machines

We support you to make sure your operating instructions complies with laws and standards.

We check and/or create your operating instructions for example with the following in mind:

  • Have the applicable EU Directives and product-specific standards been taken into account in structure and content of the manual?
  • Have the results of the risk assessment been taken into account?
  • Have the target groups as per risk assessment been taken into account?
  • Have designated use, predictable misuse, residual risks, safety instructions etc. been taken into account?
  • Are the operating instructions user-friendly?

Reducing costs

  • Can the costs in creating the operating instructions be minimised by a modular design, correct software, etc.?
  • Can the costs for translation be reduced by efficient translation management?

Operating instructions for machines according to Machinery Directive

The Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC requires: Every machine must be provided with operating instructions. All operating instructions must meet specific minimum information: When delivering your operating instructions, you must provide the user with unambiguous information about use, troubleshooting, etc. in all life phases of the machine. The operating instructions also mean: You must provide precise information to your product, determine the product limits, describe the use concretely, etc. For further requirements on creating operating instructions, also refer to DIN EN ISO 12100. Design, layout and contents are essentially specified in DIN EN IEC/IEEE 82079-1.

Note: In the different directives/standards/ordinances, operating instructions are also referred to as instructions for use, usage instructions, operation manual, etc.

Please call us if you need more information. We will gladly advise you in creating your operating instructions – law-compliant and cost-efficient.