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Sicherheitstechnische Betreuung nach DGUV Vorschrift 2 von ADT-Zielke

We provide you with law-compliant safety-related supervision acc. to DGUV Ordinance 2 and, if applicable, in-house medical care for your company. We advise your company reliably and practice-oriented in the fields of workplace safety and health protection acc. to DGUV Ordinance 2 and the German Occupational Safety and Occupational Protection Act (Arbeitssicherheitsgesetz ASiG). The Working Conditions Act (Arbeitsschutzgesetz) stipulates that companies provide occupational safety and health protection for all employees. We determine the required supervision for your company – minimum requirements and your specific needs according to DGUV Ordinance 2 and Health and Safety Act. Our qualified safety engineers and specialists for industrial safety advise you on your best choice of supervision and support. To ensure that you are on the right side of the law, we perform safety-related inspections and assess your

  • Annexes
  • Work systems
  • Work procedures

We will gladly develop an economic supervision concept for your company.

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Which type of supervision is required by safety-related supervision according to DGUV Ordinance 2?

Depending on the size of your company and on the real hazards in your company, different types of supervision are required for occupational safety and health protection.

Companies with up to 10 employees

  • Regular supervision (basic supervision and event-driven supervision)
  • DGUV Ordinance 2 company with up to 10 employees

Companies with more than 10 employees

  • Total supervision (basic supervision and company-specific supervision)
  • DGUV Ordinance 2 company with more than 10 employees

In a company with up to 50 employees, the company owner has the option be responsible for alternative demand-driven supervision (entrepreneur model: training of the company owner and demand-driven supervision).

What is included in safety-related supervision according to DGUV Ordinance 2 and Occupational Safety Act?

We advise you extensively about your duties in terms of occupational safety and health. After determining your personal needs, we assume all tasks required by law for you.

  • Providing training (about protective clothing, emergencies, etc.)
  • Creating and filing reports, documents, documentation
  • Performing workplace risk assessment
  • Accompanying ASA meetings (obligatory as of 21 employees)
  • Checking work equipment subject to regular checks (ladders, electric devices, etc.)
  • Fire protection measures (e.g. training your employees to become fire marshals acc. to the Technical Rules for Work Places ASR A2.2 “Measures against fire”)

When do you need supervision by an occupational safety specialist?

Companies are obliged to initiate supervision by a company doctor or an occupational safety officer on special occasions. We advise and support you comprehensively in all required situations, for example if you

  • plan, install, change production lines
  • introduce work equipment/work materials/hazardous materials with increased hazard potential
  • change or introduce work procedures
  • redesign work places and work procedures
  • advise employees about special accident and health hazards during work
  • employ people with special risk classification (e.g. minors, expectant mothers)
  • investigate accidents and occupational diseases
  • create alarm and emergency plans
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