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Qualified specialists and engineers deliver optimal solutions

Knowledge, experience, innovation. These are – in buzzwords – us. But there is more behind the words. Behind them are people who are more committed, take a closer look and think more intensively: our Machine Safety CE Occupational Safety team. Our qualified specialists and engineers take over the reliable support of your company and your projects – in machine safety, CE marking, occupational safety and in technical editing.


  • With team spirit, openness and the desire to significantly drive projects forward, we accompany you and your company. Our units work in interdisciplinary teams and thus keep an eye on the big picture.
  • A specific team is carefully selected for each project.
  • Smooth communication is important to us, which means that selected members of our team are always there specifically for you – with reliable substitution arrangements.
  • Quality assurance through qualification and further training is a MUST for us, therefore only our qualified specialists and engineers take over the reliable support of your company.
  • For our team applies: Consistent advanced training program “state of the art”.

Dipl.-Ing. Kirsten Zielke founded ADT-Zielke GmbH & Co. KG and since then has been steadily expanding the company as managing director – from performance profile to expansion of the qualified team. The aim is comprehensive CE all-round service as well as machine safety and occupational safety for companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

Ingenieure Fachkräfte bei ADT-Zielke Ingenieurleistungen Maschinensicherheit, CE, Arbeitssicherheit

Our Team

KirstenZielkeFoto Geschäftsführung ADT-Zielke Maschinensicherheit CE Arbeitsicherheit Technische Redaktion
Dipl.-Ing. Kirsten Zielke

I stand for providing our customers with legally secure, reliable and needs-oriented services.

Our most important resource

That’s our team. Committed. With heart and mind.

Our Machine Safety CE Occupational Safety team works with you – whatever problem you need solved. In all our services.

Quality our most important resource

  • Quality assurance through qualification and training is a MUST for us
  • Qualified specialists and engineers for every field of expertise
  • Consistent “state of the art” training program for our team
  • Project and demand oriented team selection
  • Practiced quality management (ISO 9001 certified)
  • Process-oriented project management with reliable contact and representation arrangements

Extensive expertise is a matter of course for us

Our employees with specific expertise provide you with competent support.

  • Specialists for occupational safety / safety experts
  • Safety engineers (membership VDSI and VDI)
  • Engineers for mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering, automation engineering
  • Explosion protection officers – explosion protection specialists
  • Incident officer
  • CE coordinator
  • Technical editors (membership tekom)
  • Certified technical translators
  • Native-speaker technical translators selected according to DIN EN ISO 17100
  • Environmental protection officers (environmental auditor, waste, immission control, water protection)
  • Qualified person for ladder inspection according to BetrSichV and TRBS 2121
  • Qualified playground inspector according to DIN 79161-1 and -2, FLL/BSFH certified
  • Seminar leader for trainings and workshops
  • Representative for fire protection/hazardous materials/noise protection

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