With NR12 to Brazil

2023-04-23 The Brazilian NR12 has been on the minds of at least the machine manufacturers for a long time. Right now, it is once again coming into focus: the “Machinery Directive” for Brazil. The reason is also the growth prospects that experts see for overall economic development in Brazil.

Norma Regulamentadora for machinery and work equipment

Many of our customers are showing increased interest in support around the Brazilian Norma Regulamentadora for machinery and work equipment safety. When importing machinery into Brazil, you must prove that your products meet all the requirements of the regulatory standard. Construction and use of all types of non-compliant machinery and equipment, as well as the manufacture, trade, exhibition and transfer of non-compliant machinery and equipment in all sectors of the economy are prohibited.

Mandatory requirements of NR12

It is important for economic operators to know exactly all the requirements of the NR12, to implement them and also to provide all documentation in Portuguese.

NR12 includes requirements for safety systems on machines and equipment, emergency stop devices, requirements for the entire life cycle of the machine including preventive and corrective maintenance and repair, marking, manuals, safety procedures, qualification of personnel etc. The annexes mainly regulate safety distances, access to machinery and equipment, and requirements for special machinery – all very similar to the EU Machinery Directive.

Better check early

If your company is flirting with the South American market, you would be well advised to look into NR12 – as early as possible. Ideally, you should already consider specific safety requirements and the special processes for risk assessment during project planning.

If you want to know whether the work and safety procedures for NR12 are worth the effort for you: Our specialists will advise you.

Even more NRs

There are 36NRs in total. Depending on the production area or area of application, you may have to observe further NRs for machines and systems in addition to NR12.

For example NR10 – Safety in Electrical Installations and Services or NR13 – Boilers an Pressure Vessels.

In Brazil, the Ministry of Labor and Employment is responsible (Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego).