Machine safety – Safety Compliance for your machines. State-of-the-art. We support you.

Machine safety – Safety Compliance for your machines by our engineers

  • Ensure state of the art
  • Fulfill formal and technical requirements
  • Concrete proposals for action
  • Prepare complete technical documentation
  • Check conformity, of new or used machines
  • Legal certainty

Analysis for Machine safety – Safety Compliance

Our experienced team is ready to assist your company with consulting, needs analysis and qualified engineering services. You will get specific proposals for action and solutions for all topics concerning machine safety.

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Topics in the field of Machine Safety – Safety Compliance

We will find solutions for your company so that you can sell, import and operate your machines and production lines safely.

  • Does the machinery directive apply for my product?
  • How does the machinery directive relate to handling production lines?
  • Do other EU Directives apply to my machine?
  • What do I need to keep in mind for partly completed machinery?
  • How do I handle machines that do not need to have a CE marking?
  • Which standards can I apply, which ones do I need to apply?
  • What do I have to keep in mind if I am refitting production lines?
  • Which requirements do I need to meet for safe operation of machines and production lines?

Machine safety – Safety Compliance legally compliant

Ensure state-of-the-art

Companies must take all state-of-the-art hazards and applications into account to ensure the safety of their production lines. The topic “Safety” presents obligations for the manufacturer in all fields from design to construction to placing machines on the market.

Meet requirements

Formal requirements for sale and operation of machines and production lines as well as technical requirements to construction and design apply to manufacturers, dealers, importers, machine operators.

Specific proposals for action

You will get specific proposals for action and solutions for all topics concerning machine safety.

Prepare documents

For manufacturers, the important documents include the technical documents for the CE conformity evaluation procedure, the risk assessment, test protocols, operating instructions etc., and for operators they include the risk assessment, operating instructions, test protocols etc.

Check conformity

We will check whether your new or used machines are law-compliant ‒ for manufacturers and operators.

Legal certainty

We check if your machines meet the requirements of Machinery directive, Produktsicherheitsgesetz, Arbeitsschutzgesetz sowie German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.
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