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Machine safety consulting

Get comprehensive machine safety consulting for your business. From experienced engineers and specialists.

Online video consultation

Clarify current and important questions about your machines and systems with us in a video conference. Efficient and uncomplicated.

Machine safety, CE conformity, occupational safety

In the online consultation, we deal intensively and competently with your specific questions. On all topics relating to the manufacture of your products, the safety of your machines and the health protection of your employees.

Clear and unambiguous answers

The online video consultation focuses on your specific and individual questions. You will receive precise and comprehensive answers to your questions from our experts.

Perfect tool

Work successfully. Practical and fast live communication to solve tasks in a focused way. Secure tool to discuss problems, for example in the production process, directly and unambiguously.

Convenient communication

We coordinate topic, time and planned duration quickly and directly with you. We carefully select the most suitable qualified engineers and specialists for your topic.

Secure and fast communication tool for machine safety consulting

We use Microsoft Teams for our video conferences. One advantage of the online tool is that Microsoft encrypts and secures all content, security, privacy and compliance are well mapped. In the virtual room, we can gather several participants, even if they are physically far away from each other. Completely uncomplicated for you: We simply invite you to the online video consultation. Of course, you can also invite us via your company’s own online tool.