We support you throughout the entire process of conformity evaluation up to the CE marking.

Demand-oriented and efficient solutions for the CE marking

  • Careful analysis of the requirements
  • Tailor-made safety concept
  • Appropriate conformity assessment procedure
  • Proven safety
  • Complete risk assessment
  • High quality operating instructions
  • Necessary measurements and tests
  • Apply CE mark

Fulfill manufacturer obligations for CE marking

As manufacturer, you are always and permanently responsible for your products. We advise you in all manufacturer obligations (see 768/2008/EG) over the entire process. We will be happy to inform you WHAT we can achieve for you and together with you.

For information contact

Team CE/Maschinensicherheit – Axel Martens – Telephone +49 40 5238871-15 – maschinensicherheit@adt-zielke.com

Services CE marking

CE responsibility

Anlagenbau Zielke GmbH experts for machine safety in mechanical and process engineering prepare neutral and independent expert opinions on the CE conformity of machinery and equipment and determine the value of machinery and equipment. > find out more on the website of Anlagenbau Zielke

Achieve CE marking efficiently

Careful analysis

You and we together analyse your needs carefully, and we offer services in just the scope you need. You will gain a law-compliant overview of any measures you might want to or need to take.

Customized safety concept

We develop a comprehensive safety concept for you ‒ according to valid laws and EU directives requiring marking. Or we analyse and evaluate your existing safety concept.

Appropriate conformity evaluation procedure

Qur experienced engineers perform the conformity evaluation procedure for you according to the required EU directive.

Tested safety

We check the safety of your production lines. If you are refitting production lines, we check whether you need to take measures and whether marking is required.

Full risk assessment

Our experienced specialists and engineers analyse potential hazards of your machines and create the full risk assessmen.

High quality operating instructions

Our specialists create high quality and user-friendly operating instructions.

Necessary measurements and tests

Our specialists do the necessary measurements and tests for you.

CE marking

The result of the conformity evaluation procedure: You can sign the Declaration of Conformity and attach the CE marking to your product.
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