CE responsibility

Anlagenbau Zielke GmbH experts for machine safety are specialised in the field „Provision on the market“ of machines and systems – all the way to signing the CE Declaration of Conformity. Anlagenbau Zielke GmbH take up CE responsibility on your behalf. Anlagenbau Zielke GmbH finish the CE process of your machines acting as responsible manufacturer and bears all liability risks for you. Highly qualified engineers supervise you own individual system solution – up to successful introduction to the market or law-compliant / safe use of the systems of your own design.

Assessments and reports

The Anlagenbau Zielke GmbH appraisers for machine safety advise you precisely and holistically. Assessments and reports regarding machine safety and industrial safety in mechanical and process engineering and regarding CE conformity of machines and production lines.

Appraisers for machines and production lines

Appraisers for machine safety advise you in a law-compliant way, offering extensive experience and state-of-the-art knowledge.

Experts analyse and test machines, technical documents and events during purchase, sale, use of machines and production line ‒ and document all results in a structured way. Carefully created assessments and reports serve as important decision-making tool for you ‒ or they indicate the legal status of events and technical documents. > to the web site of Anlagenbau Zielke GmbH