Let self-made systems be checked. For conformity and safety. Our experienced team runs all required tasks if you want to check your self-constructed systems and use them for yourself – law-compliant and reliably.

Checking self-made systems: Safety signs and information signs

If it is necessary for the safety and health protection of persons, every machine must be marked with signs and/or information signs about their use, adjustment and maintenance. We advise you for the safety marks on the machine to meet all requirements by standards.

Checking self-made systems: CE marking required

As soon as you assemble, modify considerably or import components for your own use, you become the manufacturer – and bear all liability risks according to the Product Liability Law. All manufacturers must meet legal obligations and perform a conformity evaluation procedure. If the European Machinery Directive or another directive demanding CE marking applies for your system, you must provide the CE marking for your production line.

Using self-made system for yourself: Do you need a risk assessment?

According to the Working Conditions Act (ArbSchG), you as operator must perform a workplace risk assessment for a self-construction. The industrial safety regulations (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung, BetrSichV) specify that you have to determine the hazards, under consideration of state-of-the-art technical knowledge. The risk assessment plays a major role to take safety measures and to achieve safety objectives.

Do you plan a self-construction or have you already constructed a system? Do you have questions regarding your system? We will be happy to advise and support you in all required manufacturer or operator obligations.

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