You are required by law to document the Risk assessment and to create and provide documents about the risk assessment and, if applicable, documents about the risk assessment with explosion protection document dealing with EX protection. We make sure that you can provide all required information in your company – also for your employees – and that your documents are up to date.

  • Results of the workplace risk assessment
  • Documents for the risk assessment with explosion protection document for EX protection.
  • The deduced measures
  • Results of the check
  • Contact partner for occupational-medical and safety-related supervision
  • The work of the occupational safety specialists / company medical service

When is it required to create a risk assessment with explosion protection document for EX protection?

Companies must perform a workplace risk assessment. According to the BetrSichV, they must evaluate and take all required measures to provide and use work equipment safely.

If he formation of dangerous explosive atmosphere cannot be safely excluded, the company is obliged to take further measures. According to Ordinance on Hazardous Substances § 6, par. 9, hazards due to dangerous potentially explosive mixtures must be proven especially in an explosion protection document for EX protection. The explosion protection document must be created before taking up the work.

Our explosion protection officers check, determine and evaluate the following for you:

  • Probability and duration of the occurrence of dangerous potentially explosive atmosphere
  • Probability of presence, activation and effectiveness of ignition sources
  • Extent of the expected effects of explosions
  • Type, scope and periods of required tests

Our explosion protection officers document the following in the explosion protection document:

  • Explosion hazards have been determined and evaluated
  • Suitable measures were taken to reach the aims of explosion protection ‒ explosion protection concept
  • If applicable, classification of specific areas into zones
  • Areas with explosion protection measures
  • Identification of areas with explosion protection measures
  • Evaluation basing on the type of tasks, the work conditions and the workplace
  • Tests acc. to the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances and the Industrial Safety Ordinance

The company is obliged to instruct the employees regularly according to DGUV ordinance 1 about explosion hazards and protective measures. The specifications and the execution must be documented. The potentially explosive areas must be marked.

Our explosion protection officers support you:

  • in instructing your employees about any explosion hazards and protective measures
  • in creating schedules for the instructions
  • in creating the required operating instructions
  • in creating warning signs for explosive areas

If you are not sure if the formation of dangerous explosive atmosphere can be safely excluded in your company. Ask us, we will be happy to give you advice. Telephone +49 40 5238871-0 or send us a message.

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