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Brexit in nice: CE remains – deadline UKCA overturns

2023/11/01 In the summer and with last release on October 11, 2023, the UK Department for Business and Trade announced that CE would remain and be recognized indefinitely. This affects 18 regulations or products. By popular demand, here’s another brief update on CE in the UK.

Deadline December 2024 falls

The permission to market products with CE marking in Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) after Brexit should expire in December 2024. After that, the corresponding products should only be marketed with UKCA marking (UKCA = UK Conformity Assessed).

The UK Department for Business and Trade (DBT) now intends to extend recognition of CE marking indefinitely beyond December 2024.

Companies are to be free to use either the UKCA or CE procedure to sell products in the UK.

CE still applies for 18 regulations

CE marking is planned for the following regulations, for which the DBT is responsible. For all regulations, UKCA marking can also be selected for placing products on the market in the UK.

  • toys
  • pyrotechnics
  • recreational craft and personal watercraft
  • simple pressure vessels
  • electromagnetic compatibility
  • non-automatic weighing instruments
  • measuring instruments
  • measuring container bottles
  • lifts
  • equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres (UKEX)
  • radio equipment
  • pressure equipment
  • personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • gas appliances
  • machinery
  • equipment for use outdoors
  • aerosol dispensers
  • low voltage electrical equipment

CE remains not for all

For products for which the DBT is not responsible, it is not yet clear whether they will require UKCA marking in the future. Our specialists are staying on the ball, please feel free to ask.

According to the current status, special regulations apply in Great Britain for:

  • medical devices
  • rail products
  • construction products
  • civil explosives
  • marine equipment
  • cableways
  • ecodesign
  • Transportable pressure equipment
  • Hazardous substances (RoHS).

Selling products in Northern Ireland

Different rules apply in Northern Ireland. Products that are allowed to carry a UKCA marking in the UK must comply with EU regulations in Northern Ireland, including a CE marking.


Opportunities for companies

Perhaps you would like to take the leap across the channel with your product. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on all aspects of CE marking.