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Spielgeraetepruefung nach DIN EN 1176 von ADT-Zielke

We test your playground. Only specifically trained persons may test playground equipment, i.e. perform a playground equipment test acc. to DIN EN 1176. Every operator is responsible for unlimited and safe condition of their playground equipment. According to the strict obligation for safety of playground equipment, we check whether your playground equipment are safely designed, installed, checked and serviced. The playground equipment test comprises:

  • Inspection by Qualified playground inspector according to DIN 79161-1 and -2, FLL/BSFH certified
  • acc. to DIN EN 1176
  • Visual inspection
  • Operative inspection
  • annual general inspection of your playgrounds
  • Playground equipment log acc. to DIN EN 1176
  • creating documentation
  • Photo documentation of devices and faults
  • advice for redesign

Which playground equipment do you need to check in a playground equipment inspection according to DIN EN 1176?

All interior and exterior playground equipment and the playgrounds need to be checked.

  • climbing wall
  • crawling tunnel
  • slide
  • sandbox, if applicable
  • wall bars
  • spring rider and see-saw
  • self-made interior playground equipment (raised play levels, play platforms, play corners, climbing elements)
  • etc.

Where do playgrounds and playground equipment need to be checked acc. to DIN EN 1176?

In the kindergarten, in the daycare centre, in schools, in shops, in a doctor’s practise, in the office, in outer areas of companies, etc., all playground equipment and playgrounds must be checked.

  • Outside playgrounds
  • Inside playgrounds and playground equipment in a company / an organisation

How and how often do playgrounds and playground equipment need to be checked?

In order to meet your duty to maintain safety as an operator, you need to perform checks.

  • Visual and functional checks to detect obvious hazard sources for example as a result of usage or vandalism: daily or weekly.
  • Detailed visual and functional checks to check the operational safety and stability: every 1 to 3 months.
  • Main inspection to determine the general safe condition of the entire installation. Hereby, the construction itself is also checked, for example by exposure of parts: at least once a year.

What does DIN EN 1176 mean?

DIN EN 1176 is a European standard for playgrounds and playground equipment. It specifies general safety-related requirements and test procedures for playground equipment and surfaces.

You are not sure whether your playground equipment or your playground must be checked? Please call us, we will be happy to give you advice. Telephone +49 40 5238871-0.

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