Like the operating instructions, assembly instructions, etc., the maintenance instructions are part of the technical documentation for the user, often referred to as external technical documentation from the manufacturer’s point of view. The maintenance instructions inform the user about the product and about the correct handling of the product. It is important to note that the maintenance instructions also protect the manufacturer from liability. We support you so that your maintenance instructions are legally secure and conform to standards.

We check and/or create your maintenance instructions, for example, under the following aspects:

  • Are the EU directives and product-specific standards applicable to the product taken into account in the structure and content?
  • Have the results of the risk assessment been taken into account?
  • Have the target groups according to the risk assessment been considered?
  • Have the intended use, foreseeable misuse, residual risks, safety instructions etc. been taken into account?
  • Are the maintenance instructions user-friendly?
  • Can the maintenance manual be adapted to the specific requirements of the application by modularisation, correct software etc.?
  • Can costs be minimized by modularization, correct software, etc. when creating the maintenance manual?
  • Can translation costs be reduced through efficient translation management?