Safety inspection of doors and gates according to ASR A1.7

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Sicherheitstechnische Prüfung Türen und Tore nach ASR A1.7 - ADT-Zielke

Safety inspection of doors and gates according to ASR A1.7

We advise and support you in all necessary measures for the safety inspection of doors and gates according to ASR A1.7 – especially for power-operated doors and gates.

Save effort and time – and the purchase and maintenance of measuring equipment.

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Team Arbeitssicherheit – Nicole Kuhnke – +49 40 5238871-26 –

Testing power-operated doors and gates

We test your accesses safely and reliably.

  • Testing according to ASR A1.7 and DGUV Information 208-022 Türen und Tore
  • Testing of permissible forces depending on the type of construction
  • Precise measurement with high-quality tension and compression force measuring device
  • Force measurement and force gauge according to DIN EN 12453 Tore – Nutzungssicherheit kraftbetätigter Tore – Anforderungen
  • Application DIN EN 16005 Kraftbetätigte Türen – Nutzungssicherheit – Anforderungen und Prüfverfahren
  • Checking the documentation
  • Documenting the results

Testing doors and gates according to ASR A1.7 necessary

Safety testing is necessary for power operated doors and gates such as

  • Rolling doors
  • Sectional doors
  • Tilt-up doors
  • Sliding gates

It is important that employees are not trapped in the event of a power failure in power-operated doors and gates. They must be able to open them manually without any special effort. Exception: heavy power-operated gates may be opened with auxiliary means instead of manual operation.

Testing doors and gates regularly and by experts

According to ASR A1.7, your company must check power-operated doors and gates for safety.

  • Regularly and properly to ensure that they are in a safe condition.
  • In addition, also after significant changes.
  • Testing is required at least once a year.
  • Result must be documented.
  • Observe country-specific building regulations.
  • Inspection only by experts using suitable measuring equipment.
  • Technical documentation must be checked.
  • Different regulations apply to fire doors and gates.

Technical regulation for workplaces “Doors and gates” (ASR A1.7)

The workplace regulation applies to the operation of doors and gates in buildings and on company premises. It also applies to similar equipment on company premises that employees enter during work.


Do you have questions about other necessary measurements and tests in your company? Call us, our specialists will be happy to advise you on how to comply with legal requirements. Phone +49 40 5238871-0 or send us a message.