Check work equipment in the company: Discovering hazards

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Check work equipment in the company: Discovering hazards

2021-08-26 A must: check work equipment in the company. And on a regular basis. Of course, every company agrees with this without hesitation. The safe use of work equipment is a high protection goal for most companies. Nevertheless, there are sometimes uncertainties – and you have to find the dangers first. For you, however, this is not an issue, because our experienced specialists detect hazards and take care of all the important assessments and inspections.

Hazardous work equipment in the company

It’s actually quite simple: assess the hazards of work equipment, take protective measures, check safe use even according to the state of the art. But the pitfalls usually lie in determining what, who, how and how often. First the what.

Finding work equipment that needs to be inspected in the company

Some work equipment is used by employees safely and as a matter of course – until an accident occurs. It is better if you and our expert team thoroughly assess the hazards of all work equipment in your company. This applies to all tools, equipment, machines or systems that are used at work. The list ranges from work equipment in general to hazardous and particularly hazardous work equipment.

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  • Hammer, drill
  • Doors and gates such as rolling gates, sliding gates etc. Safety inspection according to ASR A1.7, especially for power-operated doors and gates
  • Ladders and steps according to BetrSichV and TRBS 2121
  • Shelving and storage equipment according to BetrSichV and DIN EN 15635
  • Certain work equipment (after assembly, damage due to influences etc.) according to BetrSichV § 14
  • Equipment subject to monitoring
  • Work equipment according to BetrSichV Annex 1 such as mobile work equipment or for lifting loads or for temporary work on high workplaces
  • Cranes (hoists) such as trolleys, slewing cranes, mobile cranes, certain truck-mounted cranes
  • etc.

Inspection by a competent person

Certain work equipment must be inspected by a competent person before it is used for the first time. For example, work equipment whose safety depends on the assembly conditions. Our team is specially trained for this.

Testing of work equipment

We test work equipment exclusively with expert personnel and high-quality measuring equipment. Also taking into account the conditions of use. Results must be documented.

  • Suitability, conditions of use, stresses
  • Safety-related measures
  • Safety relevant equipment
  • State of the art

Check work equipment in the company more often

Testing of work equipment is necessary more often than many think.

  • Before they are put into operation for the first time
  • Before recommissioning after modifications requiring testing
  • Recurrently according to specified requirements

It is better to voluntarily inspect work equipment in the company

Even if companies are responsible, testing work equipment is not entirely voluntary anyway. Companies may only provide and allow the use of work equipment that is safe during use, taking into account the intended conditions of use, as stipulated by the BetrSichV. Otherwise, penalties may be imposed.


The BetrSichV has been adapted to the change in regulations from the ProdSG to the ÜAnlG. Regulations in Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 on market surveillance and the conformity of products required an adaptation of the ProdSG, valid since July 16, 2021. The implementation of Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 is carried out by the Market Surveillance Act (MÜG) with market surveillance regulations that were regulated in the ProdSG until July 2021. Our specialists know the ropes. Feel free to ask us.